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What to install on your new Mac (and learn to use)

Here’s my setup. These should all be easy to find via Google. These are all login items on my Mac:

  • Boom = makes your speakers louder. $10ish.
  • HyperDock = lets you move and resize windows much more quickly
  • Alfred = very fast launcher for apps and docs. (Replaces Quicksilver, which I used to use.)
  • TextExpander = text substitution. There are now some great free alternatives if you haven’t paid for this, such as DashExpander.
  • Display Menu = a tiny, handy app that lets you choose resolutions for whatever displays you’re using. This used to be built in to OS X but was removed in Mountain Lion.
  • Day-O = nice view of the date and time in the menubar. Click to see a monthly calendar that you can drag around the screen, which is handy for planning.
  • CloudApp = easy way to share files
  • CrashPlan = no-fuss cheap total online backup
  • Show Desktop = handy utility that lets you click the icon to hide all your apps
  • Skitch = I actually use the old version, which I much prefer. Get it here.
  • Skype and DropBox, obviously
  • TaskPaper for to-do lists, although I collaborate with HackPad
  • nvALT = slightly better replacement for Notational Velocity. Can import all your old Notational Velocity files.
Other than that, I use
  • CoBook = awesome utility to access and manage your contacts. Big improvement over Address Book.
  • Spotify for music. And Songza a lot.
  • TextWrangler for text editing
  • VLC for playing movies
  • Chrome for web browsing, with the extensions Merge Windows, Session Buddy, Instapaper, Bit.ly, and AwesomeScreenShot
  • Gmail for mail, with Boomerang (send messages later) and Morse.io (auto-scour your inbox for contact info)
  • Google Calendar, Facebook. I use the normal Twitter for Mac client for tweeting.
Handy stuff. Anything essential I’m missing?
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