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Which hosting providers (and media hosts) screw users?

Simple idea for an experiment.

  1. Register a trademark (or pick one you already own).
  2. Put the same piece of content on a bunch of hosts that uses the mark in order to criticize it—for example, if Wiklerpedia were trademarked, I could put up a bunch of sites that say “Wiklerpedia sucks! Boo Wiklerpedia!”
  3. Put my Wiklerpedia hat back on and send cease-and-desist letters to every host where I posted my Wiklerpedia Sucks page.
  4. Those WIklerpedia Sucks pages are perfectly legal—they don’t violate WIklerpedia’s trademark. But evil hosting providers will happily remove content on the basis of a C&D letter alone, in contrast to the good guys who actually take a look at the content and stick up for their users. So, pretty quickly, you find out who is evil and who is good.
  5. Announce the results of the study in an attention-grabbing way to shame the evildoers and praise the heroes.
  6. Repeat every so often until evil disappears from this earth.
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