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Email tools I want

It should be easy to switch into these inbox views:

  • Sort out emails sent from machines. This should be clear from email headers. I should be able to choose a “people only” view and a “machines only” view.
  • Emails from my contacts; emails not from contacts—and also “emails from my top contacts” (with a slider to choose how many of those contacts).
  • The most recent email from each person who emails me.
  • Probably-useless email—which can be identified by tons of messages from the same sender, generating very few (or no) opens, clicks, or replies. It should be so much easier to clear junk!
  • Unsubscribables: one per sender. It’s not hard to find every email with an unsubscribe link. I want to be able to click a button and see one email from each email list. Bonus: make it easy to tick off a bunch of them and unsubscribe from the lot.
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