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How to send passwords over the internets

The simplest, decently secure way to send a password
Send it to me via Skype, which is wonderfully encrypted. Downside: synchronicity required.

A quite secure asynchronous way to send a password
privnote = secure page. You type in a message, send me the auto-generated link, I click and read the message, and poof: the message self-destructs a minute after I open it.

An even more secure, verging on paranoid, semi-synchronous way to do it
…a technique that generates no machine-readable text.

  1. draw it—using, for example, artpad.
  2. make a screen capture of it (on a mac, command-shift 4; on a PC, “print screen”)
  3. upload it to senduit—and select how long you want it to stay there (eg 30 minutes). senduit generates a private link.
  4. Send the private link using privnote (see above).
  5. Clean up after yourself: delete the image file from your machine.
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